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SOS Casa Intervento by Massimo dell'Aglio is a civil renovation company for apartments and offices. This activity has always been accompanied by an emergency service in the plumbing field, electrical etc.

Our team is made up of Italian professionals with more than 36 years of experience in the home renovation sector. Our strength is the speed and precision in completing the work to perfection, from the free site inspection to turnkey delivery. The partial or complete renovation of your apartment or office, for example, we guarantee it quickly, creating the least possible inconvenience for the customer with very attractive prices.

The renovation of your apartment, office or shop we take care of it with great attention to detail and the best distribution of bathroom fixtures, making it the most comfortable place possible. We provide a free site inspection afterward, a detailed quote that we call "Zero surprises", in fact the costs borne by the customer will be respected until the completion of the works. Our team of professionals is also specialized in emergency response. We renovate throughout Milan and its province.


AND € 3.200,00

After receiving the request for information we proceed with a free inspection by our technical manager. He will already be on site and will advise and propose based on the customer's requests, the most suitable solutions to obtain a decisive improvement in the areas to be renovated, also showing which materials could be most suitable for the type of renovation. It's possible, Furthermore, During the free inspection, view the maintenance status of the electrical system, Waterworks / healthcare, air conditioning and heating system.

Our technical manager will immediately provide an idea of ​​the costs that the customer will have to face, also providing support and assistance in proposing the most advantageous solution. Bathroom renovation is the most requested work, where our team will quickly transform what is a fundamental space in the house.

In the Canton of Ticino, electrical system renovations are also in high demand, conditioning, but also parquet floors, plaster casts, false ceilings and painting. For us, renovating your home is like renovating our home.

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